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 WELCOME TO 2019 and to "The Great Spiritual Migration." 

JANUARY 14, 2019

We are off to a fine start in our study of "The Great Spiritual Migration" by Brian McLaren. We have 40 people registered in the study. Conversation is great, participation is amazing, snack time is nourishing. Where else would one want to be on Monday Nights until March 18, 2019? Check out the file attachment below to view 42-1b Session #1 Powerpoint. 

We had a technology problem last night. Jock's computer could not seem to communicate with the projector. Never fear; next week we will have a standby digital projector nearby. See you then. Our readings for next week are The Preface, Introduction and Crisis by the Palo Verde Tree - to page 33. Enjoy! Opening will be up to the leaders while Heather M. will be handling the closing. It is not too late to volunteer to offer a short (5 minute) opening or closing or both. Tonight, Wayne opened with a prayer and Brenda closed with a reading from Richard Rohr's webpage - a meditation for Jan. 3, 2019. The ending quote bears repeating:

"The way Jesus tried to change people was by loving and healing them, accusing only their accusers. Why did we not notice that? His harshest words were reserved for those who perpetuated systems of inequality and oppression and who, through religion itself, thought they were sinless and untouchable. Jesus did not so much love people once they changed, but he loved people so that they could change. - Richard Rohr