Finance & Stewardship

Finance & Stewardship

FEBRUARY 2018 UPDATE: Chair of the Finance Committee, Bob Clare, gave a brief report to the congregation on Sunday morning as to the state of financial affairs at St. David's. 

SEPTEMBER 2017 UPDATE: 2016-2017 Church Year has ended and on Sunday, we will be into the fourth month of the 2017-2018 Church Year. Last year, at our June budget meeting, we agreed to raise enough through our stewardship programs to balance the budget. Unfortunately, we fell short of our target so, come AGM time in November, we will debrief our past year and make plans for the current year. Watch for the upload of the 2016-2017 Annual Report.

A Story of Stewardship Re-Imagined

The Stewardship Campaign Ad hoc Committee invites you to join a Stewardship journey through story-telling. It is the hope of the committee to help the congregation re-imagine its understanding of how we give of our money, time and energy to ensure that this beloved faith place continues not only to survive but also to thrive as a vibrant, relevant, and caring community infused with spiritual intensity, overflowing joy and unconditional love.

Follow the story of a woman who visits St. David’s one Sunday but is continually drawn back to the community each Sunday. Discover what draws her and what she learns about commitment, generosity, open hearts, care and compassion.


Chapter 6 is now online, click here to view!

Contact Information

Financial Administrator
Janet Zatka
403.284.2276 x107 /

Please contact the Church Office to speak to a member of our Church Council:

Treasurer: Bob Clare

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