Music Ministry

January 13, 2019

The Chamber Choir's ministry of song this morning featured "O Come, Ye Servants" (Christopher Tye) and "Cantate Domino" (G. Pitoni, under the direction of Brent Tucker. Hymns chosen included a verse of "Praise the God' of Joy's Creation" with text written by Rev. Peggy:

Praise the God of joy's creation, Fount of wisdom, love and peace; joy that lifts the human spirit, joy so deep it shall not cease. Celebrate the joy of living, giving hearts a glad release.

January 6, 2019

Our Sanctuary Choir assisted Deb Stockdale this morning with their ministry of song. Focussing on the theme of Following the Light, they sang "Guiding Star" (Chris Inglis) and "Walk in Light" (Karen Marrolli). Garrett Krause was on the keyboard with Brent directing. 


MUSIC MINISTRY AT SDUC: There are a number of different choral groups associated with St. David's, each having their own focus and purpose.  Please contact Brent Tucker at 403-284-2276 Ex 106 or if you are interested in sharing your musical talents in any of our ensembles.

Our different choral groups include: