UPDATE TO MAY 14, 2017

Happy Mother's Day!! Special thanks to Tauren (with sidekick, Brenda) for removing dust from all the components. You wouldn't believe all the screws that hold equipment together. As well, to Barry for working sound for the Family Service on May 7 and to Tauren, for switching with Barry and George for fourth Sunday of May. Tapas has been working hard on projection and the great news today were the accolades for ease of reading the font - black on white, font size 40.

Lots of flexibility is a blessing in this ministry. Thanks so much. As well, it is budget time at SDUC so I'll be submitting same for the Communication (PSALT) ministry. 


I just sent out an email with the revised schedule for the months of May and June as well as some reminders to help provide consistency to our Sunday morning PSALT work. Thanks for your faithfulness and for your willingness to be so flexible. Yeah, team!!


Hi, Team. 

Assuming that everyone loves their Sunday, I have uploaded a schedule to the end of June. You can download it as PDF or EXCEL. Don't hesitate to call me or email me if you have conflicts that can't be solved internally. Thank you for being so flexible. 


  • Tapas has volunteered to cover projection for the fifth Sunday of April with Meryl on standby if necessary.
  • Three folks have volunteered to do sound for the "Mildly Wild" concert on April 21 so expect notification from the office shortly. Note: Thanks, Tauren. 
  • Ministry & Personnel will be determining in the near future a stipend for tech coverage for PSALT and applications will be considered. Right now, the task of maintaining and trouble shooting is being covered on an as-needed ad-hoc basis and should function more effectively with on site attention to detail on a weekly basis. I will continue to look after scheduling and issues arising from that as well as liasing between the office, the council, PSALT and tech requirements. I will be recruiting for expansion of our team on an ongoing basis. 
  • We have had several donations made to our ministry that will be used to enhance the delivery of sound, light and projection to the worship experience at St. David's. 
  • Every week I receive comments on the projection and lights. On our Sundays, we tend to use only the upper lights on with the lower lights off. Side lights we leave on but we try to make sure that the skylights are darkened and that the choir lights and stage lights are turned off/down during any projection. People seem to like font that is bolded and as large as possible. 40 is almost as small as font can go to be read easily. Black background with white printing seems to work well for those who have trouble reading the projection.
  • Make sure that the black out curtains for the skylights are closed and that the choir spots are extinguished when slides/videos are being projected. I know that the choir likes to have extra light to see their music scores so lights need to be enhanced during anthems. 
  • Good work, team. You are amazing. 


The Easter week services are upcoming - check out the home page. Brenda will be able to handle sound and light for Good Friday service but welcomes company in the sound booth. Mike will be handling the projection for Good Friday. Thanks, Mike. Congrats to Alison and Mark who have welcomed baby Jonah, brother for Brandon, into their home and into our church family. 

UPDATE to March 13, 2017

Brenda had a good visit with John Whidden this past week (he sends his greetings) and she has been in conversation with the finance and property committees as they are looking at further investment in our Sound, Light and Projection ministry. As well Ministry and Personnel are considering a proposal that will bring continuity to our ministry on a weekly basis. The monitors do create a problem for those upfront to hear what is going on when they aren't singing. Contact me if you have any suggestions, comments, questions. Meanwhile, the gremlin has moved on and thanks go to Tauren for organizing the sound board so effectively. 

TAPAS has returned from a three month visit to Bangladesh. He has been sorely missed from his fourth Sunday of the month as a projectionist. Welcome back, Tapas. 

Thank you, Meryl, for taking on the task for the last Sunday of February. 


It is a long time since Steve McCumber conducted a blitz to recruit interested folk in working on the St. David's Sound Team. Back in 2005, with a huge sign up sheet in the foyer, Marsha Ma Poy challenged Brenda to volunteer so the two of them signed up. Our first solo was a lengthy funeral service and so it began. David Layton lent his carpentry skills with his first mate as we assembled furniture and finished the roughed - in enclosure. On the existing team during the recruitement phase were George White and Steve McCumber along with John Pierce. In 2007, Erwan Goasdoue joined the team - awesome son-in-law. Other fabulous servants of the cause have joined over the years and many others have moved on. John Whidden helped to formalize our ministry and our equipment has improved dramaticially since those early beginnings. 

But.... we need technical input, know how and leadership. The Revised Schedule to the middle of May has been emailed to the PSALT team but let's actively recruit or step up to the leadership plate. Please. See attached files for the updated schedule to May 14, 2017.


The Christmas Schedule is complete, thanks to all the responses. Special thanks to Tauren who will be managing the helm on Christmas and New Year's Day Services. Check out the schedule and contact me if there is a problem. 

There is lots of action in the PSALT community as we try to provide light, sound and projection for the services and activities at SDUC. Right now we are in dire need for a volunteer to handle projection on the fourth Sunday of the month while Tapas is out of the country for three months. Special thanks to Dave who was conscripted to fill in on Nov. 27 at last minute.  

Because your new chair person is not a source coder, I have had to create a new schedule on my trusty macbook. Time will tell how well it will work. Download the attached files below, using word or pages. 

PSALT's Archived Sunday Morning Schedule can be found under ABOUT on our home page. This vital ministry, provides sound, light and projection to our life and work at SDUC and includes a committed group of Volunteers. 


By now, you have probably heard via the grapevine that our dedicated PSALT chair, John Whidden, has retired from the Calgary Board of Education and he and his family have relocated in Medicine Hat where Colleen has a contract teaching at the College. That means that the PSALT team needs a new spokesperson, hence Brenda Wallace and Meryl Arnott have joined forces to head up the team. They bring with themselves many years of service to PSALT even though their willingness might not be matched with their technical knowhow. However, the team is strong and knowledgeable so the ministry continues.

Thank you, John, for your dedication and for bringing our sound, light and projection system up to its present standard. Good luck in your new undertakings. 


Available Files to Download

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