Wow! We've been busy!!! Special thanks to Barry for going beyond the call of duty during the Perfectly Imperfects performances last weekend. We had 12 pacs and 14?? mics on the go in addition to imported monitors and loudspeakers plus wired mics. Clare and Akiko helped with projection and I was busy swapping pacs during the rehearsal and performances. This was an awesome musical!!

This week we have two funerals that require sound and projection so Tapas and I are working on October 24th and Deb Charnuski and I on October 26th. Welcome aboard, Deb. 

The new schedule has been drawn up to the end of February. There may be extra services so I'll keep you informed. 


Thanksgiving!! Well, from one PSALT member to all the others, I am thankful for you and your dedication to making SDUC such a great place to worship. Our ministry is so very important. World Communion Day service on October 1 went very well - no semi-connected mic packs and Tauran was right on with mic changes. 

This coming Thanksgiving service, Meryl is switching with Alison and Mike on projection and I will be in the sound and light booth. By the way, Happy Birthday, Alison. On Tuesday, we have a memorial service for Homer Young so Tauran has volunteered with back up by me if the service goes beyond Tauran's class time. 

We have a future uncharted plan to set up the scaffolding so that more of the spots can be low energy. (Thanks to Ross S. (and me) for donating the new LED spotlights.) We also have to fix the tracks for the black out curtain that seems to have derailed. Life goes on.

Enjoy your weekend! Watch for a new schedule. 


There was a moment of panic when Rev. Peggy's mic started to act up. Turns out that the connection between the headphone and the cord was not secure. Oh, well, Barry had it soon under control. Barry will be doing sound for the "Perfectly Imperfects" concert that is upcoming. 

My chore this month will be drawing up our schedule until year end and preparing the PSALT committee report for AGM in early November. Everyone on the team is so good about taking their turn or making arrangements to ensure that the "Sound (light and projection) must go on!!" 



Good morning, team!! It has been a busy summer, for sure. I am so grateful for the willingness and flexibility of our sound and projection team to arise to the occasion for our important ministry. We are blessed to have such an amazing group of volunteers. If you are reading this, and you aren't part of the team, yet, then you are more than welcome to come aboard. Give the office a call or just come up to the balcony to watch the action next Sunday morning. 


Jonathan and Michael were hard at work in the sound/projection booth today. Next week, September 24, 2017, Meryl will be taking projection for Tapas who is out of town and Barry and George will be running Sound and Light. You are amazing, team!


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