FEBRUARY 26, 2019

Watch for a new schedule to be posted for the upcoming months. Tauran will be taking a break from first Sunday with Brenda taking over for her. Deb will run the sound board on the second Sunday of the month, Jonathan on the third and the team of Barry and George on the fourth. Brenda has been taking on the fifth Sunday when it occurs. At Council on Feb. 26, there will be a motion brought forward for funding the upcoming innovations to the sound system so watch for the excitement. First step will be the lowering, repairing or replacing of the cluster speakers. Exciting!!

A Designated Fund has been started to cover costs. 


We are " movin' on up" in 2019 so the song goes. I am so grateful to Deb Charnuski and Tauran Wood for stepping up to the plate and taking on the task of ridding ourselves of the dreaded "Gremlin" and replacing our outdated equipment. We will be installing a digital board with new speakers and monitors and I, for one, am so pleased to step aside as Deb and Tauran, along with Jason Wright, take over. I quite enjoy being on light and sound duties and plan to continue with second Sunday duties. We can expect some training in the near future.

JANUARY 20, 2019

Jonathan and Meryl were on task in the balcony of Sunday morning. The Gremlin was silent and I received a compliment about how clear the sound was during the service. Yeah!

I had some concerns over the use of the Sound Consul in the TM room which at times has been left open or powered on. We are replacing one of the adapters to connect computer to projector that went missing several months ago and a reminder sign is being posted as we speak. 

Next week, it will be George, Barry and Tapas at task. What a great team!!!

Thank you for the hard work and devotion to the ministry of St. David's over the Christmas season. Yeah, 2019!



 MEANWHILE... We have attempted to move the balcony projector closer to the screen and have achieved our goal to some extent. The slides still overlap the screen, so I guess the only solution is to make sure that in the creation of the slide show, adequate margins are left at either side to accommodate the balcony projector. It is somewhat better and the fun was capturing a picture of David way up in the sky - he abhors heights!!! Go, David.

The season is clipping past at record speed. We have Sunday's service (Dec. 23) with Barry and George on Sound and Tapas on Projector (relieving Meryl), Christmas Eve 4:30 with Barry on Sound and Tapas on Projection, Christmas Eve 8:00 with Jonathan on Sound and Mike on Projection, Wassailing Sunday (Dec. 30) with Tapas on Sound (no Projection) and on the first Sunday of January, Tauran will be back on the Sound Board and Dave Mitchell will be on Projection. Well done, team. It has been a busy month for me with Sound on the First, Second, Third Sunday. There have been no issues with the gremlin - it seems that making sure that the speaker stack (Lower stack) components are in OFF position prior to turning on the power then turning each back on seems to work. Reverse process in turning off the main power. First turn OFF the four lower stack components, then turn OFF main power. 

Who knows what the New Year brings? I have ideas!! THANKS AGAIN FOR ALL THE WORK YOU DO, TEAM!!