May Update:

Last spring and summer, Colleen Whidden and her team were busy structuring the Sacred Service Program that was launched in September. And it is now the May team turn. We have a busy month beginning with the Family Service on May 7, Mothers' Day and the Bake Sale on the 14th, Communion on the 21st and Grad Sunday on the 28th. We have some enthusiastic team members which is a good thing because the Value of the Month is "ENTHUSIASM!" 

April Update:

Special thanks to Deb Chernuski and Margaret Pellicci for stepping up to the plate to coordinate April Sacred Service Team. It has been a busy month but it was great to see new faces at the door greeting along with long term ushers and greeters whose devotion to St. David's makes it the wonderful place it is. 

NOTE: The checklist for Sacred Service is attached as a pdf below. Peruse for information.

Sally Hodges was a busy leader as were her March team of Sacred Servers on Sunday mornings. There are an unbelievable little tasks to perform before, during and after service. On March 12, serving communion was a new experience for some of Sally's team members. On March 19, they were busy connecting "Gratitude" brown baggies with the members of the congregation. The idea is to select one of the "gratitude" slips and honour it during the week. 

Bonnae MacTavish's February team ushered, served communion, provided us with coffee and goodies and, of course, greeted us with their smiles. 

SDUC launched a new and very successful ministry in September 2016 and since then each month has brought in a new team of people to help our worship service Sunday morning to become a more inclusive and shared service for our congregation. 

Special thanks to our Sacred Service Leaders who have worked hard to build their service teams:

September: Janet Clare; October: Ray, Heather and Kayla MacIntosh; November:Betty Smith ; December:Heather Chubb-Way ; January: Darlene and Frans Heynen ; February:Bonnae McTavish ; March: Sally Hodges; April: Deb Charnuski and Margaret Pellicci; May: Brenda Wallace; June: Marion Whitman; July: Kerry Duncan-McCartney; August: Your special opportunity to serve!


St. David's Sacred Service are teams of people (children to adults) who take on the supportivee tasks associated with Sunday morning events for one month each year. There are 12 Sacred Service teams operating at St. David's, with newcomers being added when they are comfortable and ready. 

COLLEEN WHIDDEN is our Sacred Service team Coordinator

PURPOSE of Sacred Service Ministry: 

1. To deepen the relationships of people within the church.

2. To promote a higher rate of active participation in the faith life of St. David's

3. To allow for people to test their gifts.

4. To offer an opportunity for meaningful intergenerational interaction.

5. To provide occasions where newcomers can become more involved in the life of the community.

6. To have fun!



  • Working with existing teams, ushering and greeting including and taking offering
  • Preparing for the Coffee fellowship time
  • Setting up the communion and prayer candle tables as required
  • Reading scripture in cooperation with existing team
  • Tidying up the sanctuary before and after the service


  • Providing and preparing bread and juice for communion
  • Setting up communion Sunday morning
  • Serving communion
  • Assisting with Community Lunch 


  • Some team members will be needed prior to service and others after service
  • Coordination will be initially an assigned role but, later, can rotate among team members
  • Kids are welcome
  • Church attendance is flexible - come on your own availability


You will be contacted by your team leader and, at that time, you can indicate your availability. Honorable exemptions can be given by calling the office at 403 284 2276.

Available Files to Download

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