December 10, 2017

Such a very special service, Sunday morning. Alison, Abby and Trent, along with Rachelle and the cast of youngsters, presided over the service with a story about Four Nicks woven around the story of Christmas. Our children really have a chance to see how their gifts make Christmas special for those less fortunate. It was awesome watching them scurry around the sanctuary, gathering up the white gifts of food that were brought to church. Initially, the little ones were clad in pajamas and bathrobes as they gathered only, later, to don costumes of the early Christians (and little animals), then finally  with hats and sunglasses, they became little detectives, solving the White Gift Mystery. Special thanks to the King of Israel's Papa who was magnificent on the sound board.  

December 3, 2017

Our year is drawing to a close. Where did it go?

When we arrived at church on Grey Cup Sunday, we were delighted to see our church decked out for Christmas. Last Sunday, we celebrated the first Sunday of Advent and the new value for the month, SUSPENSE. Such joy it is to be mindful of the meaning of Christmas as we select our tags from the Giving Tree so that we can make Christmas a little more special for those less fortunate than we are.

We have heard from the folks at the Sheldon Kennedy Advocate Centre and the "Magic of Christmas" organization as they have led the reflections during worship. Music has been spectacular. Such a privilege we have to learn, worship and belong to a community like St. David's. 

On December 10th, Alison, the Ministry of Families, the children and the youth will be presiding over the worship service which will be followed by the Annual Advent Brunch. We hope to see you there. 

P.S. The picture was taken Dec. 16, 2016 during the Children's Service last year. 

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