FEBRUARY 20, 2018

Another brisk day of winter reminds us that February is marching on and spring time is awaiting its arrival. This was a special week in the life of the church year at St. David's. For the first time in quite a while, Ash Wednesday and Valentine's Day shared the same day so... we honoured both our Lenten tradition along with acknowledgement of Valentine's Day. Robertson Hall was decked out in tables for four, complete with flowers, serviettes and a plethora of heart shaped decorations. The kitchen hummed with activity as coffee was started, the ovens warmed and the griddle on full throttle while some of us stirred and others of us flipped. When 6 p.m. arrived we were ready to chow down on pancakes, sausages, fruit sauce, whipped cream along with a delicious punch served by Kelley and Alison. 

By 7:30 we were ready for our Ash Wednesday Service. We were ushered into the front half of Robertson Hall where candle light and chairs in a circle welcomed us. The communion service was very meaningful and even involved some creative poetry writing. Following service, everyone pitched in to help with cleanup and most of us were at home by 8:30 - ready to face the coming days of reflection offered by the Lenten season. 

This coming week - #8 for those of you who are counting - has already hosted Session #5 for ACTS Monday Night Book study and will be hosting regular programming like Qigong on Wednesday morning, ACTS Bible Study on Thursday morning, Drama Rehearsal on Saturday evening and Choir practices on Thursday with a special gift by the Friendship Club who are coming in Friday morning for a "Clean up" of Robertson Hall. 

Definitely the place to be!!

FEBRUARY 13, 2018

So, yesterday the temperature was -29 C with wind and this morning it is +6 C. Love this city of ours. The icicles on the south side of St. David's are amazing - as a matter of fact, the ramp and the parking lot stairs are temporarily out of service because of the ice that has covered them. Evidently we have had more snow in February than in many years. The snow removal folks are really busy. Wally, our custodian, was especially busy on Thursday during Coffee and Muffin Ministry, trying to stay ahead of the accumulating snow and this past weekend, Heather and Bill C-W, Sacred Service for February, were kept busy removing snow in preparation for service on Sunday. We appreciate your hard work. 

Glen and Cheryl Campbell are among the leadership of the Friendship Club this year and they have provided this review of the Friendship Club event for February 2. 


"Storyteller and musician Doreen Vanderstoop royally entertained the Friendship Club members on Friday February 2 with stories and songs from across Canada.  Combining actual stories from our country’s past and regional ballads, she entranced her audience with her lovely voice, her humour as well as with her heart-touching tales and lyrics.  She invited us often to join her as she strummed her guitar with well-loved Canadian melodies.  She ended her presentation in the Canadian North with Robert W. Service’s “The Cremation of Sam McGee.” With fond recollection of our school-days’ memorization of this well-known poem, we did not need any prodding to join her in her recitation!"

FEBRUARY 5, 2018

February 5th already and 2018 marches onward. This morning the sun is bright and the air is brisk as we face another cold spell. The roads are perilous but snow scenes abound. This week we can attend Monday Night Book Study with the 35 or so registered members, Qigong Wednesday morning and/or Healing Touch on Wednesday evening, Coffee and Muffin Day on Thursday from 7 a.m. to 2 p.m. and/or Thursday Morning Bible Study, Choir Practices on Monday Night (Angel Voices) and Thursday evening (Sanctuary and Chamber Choir), Youth Group and/or Chameleon Drama rehearsal on Saturday late afternoon and evening. SDUC is a busy place! 

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