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Lent began March 1 and we are entering the fifth week. The official ending is Thursday, April 13 of Easter week. St. Davidians gathered in the Robertson Hall to share a feast of pancakes and to participate in an Ash Wednesday Service, blending the traditions of Shrove Tuesday and Ash Wednesday as the Lenten Season began. The services planned for Easter Week are featured on the Home Page. 

Pastoral Care Ministry has sponsored consecutive Sundays focussing on Spiritual Practice during Lent. On March 5, we gathered for a shared luncheon followed by Yoga and on March 12 some 30 people gathered in the sanctuary for a drumming session. Thank you to participants and leaders for your contributions. 

"Sometimes setting aside a period of time for intentional reflection on life, on love, and on the things that flow from the often challenging intersection of those two things, can be a very important discipline to undertake, particularly in the busy craziness of twenty-first century Western society."

This quote from a UC minister invites us to spend the next weeks deliberately examining 'radically inclusive love' and "radically ethical living' as it applies in our lives.

During years past, St. Davidians' published Lenten Devotional Booklets that included readings for each day of Lent based on scriptural readings. These booklets can be found in our corner library at church or, I'm sure, in the private libraries of many of the congregation. 

Of course, there are many guides to Lenten practices online. One that is particularly inviting is by written by Jim Burklo entitled Mindful Christianity: A Practice for Lent – 2017. 


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