SDUC Foundation



1.    To maintain the spiritual, financial and personal strength of St. David’s United Church.

2.    To support and promote people and programs that foster Christian values, lifestyles and actions, whether local, regional, provincial, national or global.


St. David’s United Church Foundation of Calgary is an independent charitable organization that supports the ministry of St. David’s.  The Foundation raises funds through private and public donations in order to fund these two objectives:

1. OUTREACH PRIMARILY WITHIN THE CITY OF CALGARY, including ministerial education, new programs within the Church, leadership training, conferences on major issues of concern, creative programming in Christian education, to support new congregational development in Calgary, and to reach out into the broader community with Christian undertakings as funds are available.

2. MAJOR MAINTENANCE TO THE BUILDINGS AND PROPERTIES OF THE CHURCH. Major maintenance means any expenditure in excess of $5,000 needed to maintain the building and properties of the church in good working order.

Foundation funding of the Church is not intended to replace the open collection and envelope giving of the Church Members. Accordingly, Foundation funding is not used for such items as staff salaries, normal operating expense taxes, utilities and similar items that are incurred by the church on an ongoing regular monthly basis, or for capital renovations.

The Foundation is interested in providing seed money to assist in new programs being started. Priority will be given to those programs that benefit the maximum number of persons. New long-term programs may receive seed funding for up to three consecutive years when they should be self-sufficient.

Ideally the request for funding should be submitted three months in advance to the St. David’s Council, which must approve each request and will forward it to the Foundation. 


Programs Supported in 2015 and 2016

Over the past 24 months ending December 31, 2016 the Foundation has provided $24,800 to a variety of church ministries and committees and other registered charities.

  • University of Calgary/Mount Royal University Campus Ministry
  • St. David’s ACTS Tibetan Project
  • St. David’s Capital Improvement Project
  • St. David’s Refugee Sponsorship Committee
  • Calgary Food Bank & University Food Bank
  • Project Ploughshares
  • St. David’s Stewardship Committee
  • St. David’s Affirming Ministry
  • St. David’s Family Ministry


In 1991 the Official Board of St. David's recognized the need to establish a special fund the purpose of which was to enable people to support the ministry of St. David's in the long term, even after death. The goal was to obtain funds from bequests, wills, memorial gifts and other contributions of other interested people who wished to support the work of the church. The interest and other income from such gifts would be used for specific causes that reflect the ministry of St. David's, not for operating or the general expenses of the church. The Official Board was of the opinion, that if a separate entity was created, many people who like the style and effectiveness of the ministry of St. David's would respond to an opportunity to guarantee its longevity by providing funds over and above normal giving that otherwise may not come to the church.